Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mirrors are working well

14 Nov '10: Well we have had a few sunny days recently, and we continue to get great performance from the boxes when the sun shines - really, some of these scores (between 17 and 20kWh) are amazing for days that are less than 6 hrs of sunshine (if it shines). The Mirrors plainly are working well, even if it's difficult to quantify how well.  It helps that the sun is so low that it is shining directly at the sunboxes.
   I have now made the mirrors for the vertical sections and will be fitting them this week. I guess that if I have the courage to get that high up the ladder, I might adjust the top mirrors for next summer so that they actually have variable tilt angle.... well they will work at 60 degrees angle in the morning and afternoon, even if not at midday.
 The real test is of the performance of the GSHP. This is still difficult to tell as the months of October and November have so far been colder than last year. You can see historic weather data on this website:
   The other test is that of the deep ground temperature - this is more convincing. I did a test of the ground on Sunday night, 14 Nov, and the deep ground was 11.4º. Exactly one year ago, with a milder autumn (and no solar recharging), the ground temperature was 8.4º. This is a massive difference for that mass of soil, and I hope it will bear fruit in the difficult months of January and February.

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