Friday, November 19, 2010

Tea with Ken Clarke

Ken shares tea with Jenny
19th Nov '10: As part of NEA's Warm Homes Week, various MPs have been visiting projects in part of the country so see examples of energy saving or generating. The Rushcliffe Solar team were honoured to be chosen as NEA's example for Rushcliffe, and nominated one house for a visit from the MP for Rushcliffe, Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke. We visited the house of Jenny Johnston.

  As he is currently Justice Secretary, Energy policy is not top of his priority list, but he showed supportive interest in what we had been doing, and it was good of him to take part in the national week of action.
  As it was a Friday at the end of a very busy week, it was very relaxing for him to end the week with a nice cup of tea, non political chat, and only a walk away from his own home.

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