Friday, December 24, 2010

Energy meter misreading

24 Dec '10: Doh! Just before the Christmas break, and with the Sun shining brightly and quite visibly pumping heat into the ground, I see that the Sontex Energy flowmeter has gone wrong. It is still displaying volume pumped, and the clock is still working, but the energy display is showing Error 2.
So I may be able to work on an estimate, based on previous readings.
 I don't know if it's the unit, or just the return flow sensor. But it's holiday time, nobody will be open till new year, and the readings will just have to have blank entries for a while, sorry.

26 Dec '10:  Got back from Xmas in Norwich to find that the energy meter was displaying Energy rating again, and the figure shown is reasonably compatible with the last recorded figure (i.e. related to the number of hours run and the amount of sunshine in the last 3 days). It must have missed a bit, but not too much..... At this time of year, there are same days with zero.

I still want to know what 'Error 2' is on this meter... Hmmm.. I just found out from the manual, it's an error with the second sensor. On Thursday, I packed insulation tightly round the piping in the attic, and that included the second sensor, and perhaps there was a bit of pressure on the wire causing it to lose connection. On Friday, I removed the insulation, and freed up the wire that runs into it... and it's working.... phew! Repacked the insulation, but less tightly...

28 Dec '10: Another Doh! There hasn't been any sun for three days running, and none likely till 3-4 days away, so no chance to really see how that Energy meter is working. It is no longer showing an error message, so I will be patient.

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