Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Final Mirrors up

7 Dec '10: Despite the perishing temperatures, I managed to get the ladder up and fix the final side mirrors on the Surya Sunboxes. We had brilliant sunshine, but the air temp according to the GSHP was minus 7.0º outside. Earlier in the day, people had been writing Facebook updates about it being -10º and -14º in some places!
  The side mirrors are more for summer mornings and evenings, to capture the side sunlight, but they will also help with midday sunlight in winter. Just a few mins handling aluminium, even with gloves on, is very chilling for the paws.

Just a few readings from the sunboxes today, which are helping the GSHP to operate safely in the plus temperatures range, even on such a cold day.

Times 1100 1145 1215
SB temp 23.0 22.2 21.0
Air temp -6.9 -6.9 -6.9
GSHP outgoing 3.7 3.4 3.0
from SB down 5.7 5.7 4.8
GLoop return to GSHP 6.2 7.2 6.6

At this time, more heat is being pulled from the SBs than from the Groundloop! The SBs come on if there is a delta-T of 6 degrees, so they only work when there is a clear advantage. There have only been two days so far in this half year when GSHP consumption exceeded 30 kWh.


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