Monday, December 20, 2010

Jonathan Porritt and the Scourge of Denialism

I went to a lecture by Jonathan Porritt on December 14th, and he is always inspiring. The subject was 'The Scourge of Denialism', and the lecture was in the new Science Park buildings at Nottingham University.

We are mostly aware of the news of the  Republican wins in November. The unfortunate consequences of that event is typified by this quote from Fred Upton, who is now the Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, which goes something like:
"God created the world and its climate, and if God wants to end it by changing the climate, that is God's Plan. That's ALL you need to know about Climate Change." Therefore he will do everything in his power to oppose pro-environment legislation.
See Huffington Post report Nov
See Huff Post Jan 1 '11
His own website doesn't sound so extreme, but he is a firm advocate of large scale nuclear development, plus exploiting Alaskan and other tar shale deposits of oil. Any investment in 'green technologies would result in losing American jobs' Hmmmmm...

What cheered me up is that Obama's Energy adviser, Professor Steve Chu has devised a brilliant new strategy for countering this, which appeals to the most hardened of American heart... goes right to their wallet, and fully justifies massive investment in Green Technologies.

I have written up JP's lecture and remain only to add in the Question and Answer session at the end. He has written a book recently, and any serious correspondent should get this.

See a precis of Jonathan's Lecture, Part ONE
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See a precis of the Q&A session after the lecture (not yet written)

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