Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh dear, another storm on Navi tron

16 Dec '10: Oh dear, they're at again. Moderators of the Navi tron forum suddenly having another rush of feeding frenzy to slag off my project. Criticism I welcome, Slagging off, I don't know how to deal with, other than to feel depressed or angry. This is Trollism, not Tron....
What is it with these people? The thread is in an area nicknamed Bodges, Inventions, Ideas, harebrained ideas! Why did the moderators call it that if they crush discussion of any private experiment that isn't done by them?

I tried to answer some of martin's questions very politely, but he comes back clearly not understanding some basics - unable to understand why boreholes aren't insulated, or the microclimate effect of a glass box... Wow, on a larger scale, that is what Global warming is about, heat getting in, and not able to leave. ....not understanding that heat pumps cool the soil in order to heat the house, they do not post heat below. (If we lived in a hot climate, this is actually what reverse cycle heatpumps do, and why not? )
Name calling.... is there any need to refer to me derisively as "Mr Professor" ?
   They don't seem to recognise that I am always the first to be self-deprecating either for humour, or for a rethink of the direction of the project.  When I mentioned amicably that for a future experiment I might try to repeat it using evacuated tubes, it was leapt on triumphantly by martin as an admission that my Sunboxes were not up to it. This is yaboo clever clever stuff which is proof that he wants to kick at any soft spot he can find rather than discuss.

It's all very well for those with landed estates who have managed to live off-Grid to sneer. I wish I had a river in my property to run hydro off, or enough land to grow honey, or lay out long slinkies, or convert barns to thermal stores. It really is very admirable to be able to combine a plurality of systems so that collectively, the house or estate can be off-Grid. Such people deserve great credit, but it looks and sounds UGLY when they cast scorn on others who do not have so much land, and whose experiments are far more limited - and more amateurish than their own.

Simply, I am doing the best I can for an on-Grid suburban house with tiny plot and a microclimate that is too sheltered for wind.

For space heating it is better than Carbon Zero, and now I am trying to do better still.

At this moment, the 'chocolate teapots' are doing nothing, that is the whole idea!  On grey cloudy days, there isnt enough sun or delta-T to wake them up. Enough heat is below to enable the GSHP to operate efficiently on grey days, and considerably more heat is down there than a year ago.

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