Friday, December 17, 2010

Weird days on Navi, and Immosolar!

16 Dec '10: It has been an utterly surrealistic day with a swarm of bees breaking out suddenly on the Navi Groan forum, more slagging off of me and my 'chocolate teapots'... I now think of them as navvy trolls! It quite ruined my day and took up most of my morning, and even when not on it (such as driving) it seemed to be taking up about 90% of concentration... but somehow, with some goodwill from a kind person called Mr Gus, and a little backing down of angry parties (including me), things calmed. So I am grateful to Mr Gus, and to the antagonists for calming down.
    Really... with this densely grey cloudy weather, snow and rain, there is Nothing to talk about! The sunboxes are dormant, we are hunkered down for the Winter at this time of solstice, we are collecting and storing data, that's it! There will be sunshine Friday - something to hope for.
Image from Immosolar's movie, showing
Summer ground charging

 Towards the end of the day, one of the Navvy moderators, billi, sent me a marvellous link to a site of a german company Immosolar, with an excellent video of what I have been trying to do, but they have highly customised and engineered all the components, working in intermediate storage tanks, foundation design.... I have to study it more, but for the moment, here is the link,
Maybe I was over optimistic to imagine that the germans wouldn't have thought of this before, with their decades of leadership in solar technology and applications....


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