Friday, January 21, 2011

Comparing Daily Averages

Jan 2011 : One of the benefits of metering for so long now is that it is possible to reflect on the performance of the systems at different times. At the moment, the average daily consumption of the House and the Heat pump can be calculated. This shows the house and pump to be using substantially less electricity than in the two previous months of comparison - and this is despite our starting the GSHP 1.5-2 hours earlier per day than we did last year, and having an extra half degree on the thermostat. It has used less than in the same time a year ago.

Jan 2011 - This month - is a warmish month, with 373 degree days.
Dec 2010 - this was the coldest Dec month for more than 100 yrs with 499 degree days.
Jan 2010 - this was a colder month with 441 degree days.
Dec 2009 - this was a warmer month with 387 degree days.

Average daily for house:  
This month: 27.60 kWh in Jan'11
Dec 2010: 33.22 kWh : 5.62 more than Jan'11
Jan 2010: 35.26 kWh : 7.66 more than Jan'11
Dec 2009: 30.49 kWh : 2.89 more than Jan'11

Average daily for GSHP:  
This month: 20.26 kWh in Jan'11
Dec 2010: 24.65 kWh : 4.39 more than Jan'11
Jan 2010: 25.83 kWh : 5.57 more than Jan'11
Dec 2009: 22.62 kWh : 2.36 more than Jan'11

Multiply any of these daily figures by 31 to get an idea of how much that saves monthly.

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