Thursday, January 6, 2011

More about Heating Degree Days

6 Jan '11: With my new found interest in finding historic data for weather records, I have managed to get further. The very kind people at (provided by Bizee Software) have given me extended access, which goes beyond the normal three years worth of readings. Please visit their site if you are at all interested in energy statistics.
As the site allows you to calculate Heating and Cooling, and to set your own Base temperature, it really is VERY useful for the researcher. I have an interest in New York as well as Nottingham. I am working on ideas for interseasonal storage from sunboxes on a skyscraper in New York. Can one really store enough heat in the hotter summers to get through a New York winter?
It has been misleading for me that the two recent Nottingham winters have appeared to be as cold as New York. So plotting back ten years, one can see that averaged over that time, the New York winters are much more severe. The reality is that the typical New York winter is as severe than the one we are now living through. The two graphs are at the same scale.
The figures for NY for Jan and Feb 2011 will be interesting, as they have had much deeper snow than the UK. The figures for Nottingham will be interesting too - is this winter going to be followed by a very soft spring, or will some of the severity continue?

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