Saturday, January 8, 2011

More on the Energy meter, and Pump speed

7 Jan '11: It is obvious after some sunshine earlier in the month that the Supercal energy flow meter was not working again. But today the sunshine was strong and warm and the Surya Sunboxes were working well. Clearly, I could see from the AKO thermostat that they were pushing heat down into the ground, and the GSHP was benefitting.
   It has been stuck at 12548 for over a week, and I went up and wiggled the wires a bit, and suddenly it worked again - jumped to 12549 suddenly - it finished the day recording 7 kWh in a few hours on Saturday.
   There is a joint in the wire to the sensor that is done up with blue tape, and the wire is too tightly wound around the unit, so I think I will carefully unwind the tape, and check to see if there is a dry joint in the sensor wire, solder it back again, then retape it. As there is a tiny clock battery that keeps these things going for 5-10 years, the voltage on the sensor wire must be extremely small!
   I am tempted to just buy another one. Error 2 is one that the manual says 'Return to dealer', so perhaps a new one with a guarantee would be good, especially as this one was given to me, and was already old when it was given.
These DMS people do them for £ 185, so it might be worth splashing out.

Pump Speed
This was discussed earlier. I have increased the pump speed, so it runs at 45 watts instead of 30 watts. That is still very economical (and mainly only running when the PV roof is supplying power). It means that when there is real heat up there, it will download it more quickly, and if that works, then the thermostat will stop the pump - so overall, the electrical consumption will be balanced out - and our effective kW per hour of running might be slightly better.

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