Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nottingham Evening Post writing about DNC !

8 Jan '11: I am delighted to see that the Nottingham Evening Post has published a large article about my house and I, on page 18 of the 8th Jan Nottm Evening post - as an 'Eco-champ'.
They have also published an editorial about the house on page 14.

Thankyou Evening Post!
Can I just say, that there is one significant mistake in the article where Bryan Henesey misunderstood something.
I told him that the average UK house uses 3,300 kWh for Power and Lighting, and he wrote it into the article that it was for Heating.
Of course, Heating is more consumptive, the average UK house uses about 21,000 kWh ! That is because it requires a lot more gas to achieve the same effect. At this time of year, most of my neighbours' houses have a wisp of steam coming from their boiler all day long. I am glad to say that our heat pump is still finding times to sleep between heating cycles.

The Peveril Solar house annually costs 3,000 kWh of electricity to heat, and the PV generates more than 3,300 kWh so for that, the mathematics are simple.  Our house is Carbon zero for heating.

The Sunboxes store 3,000 in the earth, and the heat pump pulls up 9,000 (so a net amount of 6,000)
...but there were so many 000's flying around in the conversation that he got mixed up.

If you go onto the Evening post website, could you post a supportive comment, there are the usual moaners writing about it, saying that global warming is a hoax, and some of those need to be replied to.

The article about me doesnt mention climate change or global warming. My prime motivation is the coming Energy Famine, and the need to save energy, and thus reduce carbon emissions. It has been part of a personal target to make the house carbon zero.
 I am still trying to think of what to do next.... any ideas? (apart from jumping in the Trent...) whole house MVHR won't pass the marital approval test. More vegetables from the garden in 2011. Heat reclaim unit for the Kitchen only, perhaps.

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