Saturday, January 29, 2011

There may be another solar charger!

29 Jan '11: During the ArchiCAD Winter school, many have shown interest in the solar earth charging, and one person, Johann from Stockholm tells me that he has a friend who is doing something similar in Sweden. I have been aware of a few district heating sized systems (Canada and Sweden), but have not been able to find information about single houses being done this way. If I can make contact, I would like to write an article on his system, or provide a link to a website he may have about it.
   It takes an almost unique combination of someone who had a Ground Source Heat pump, Boreholes, a South facing wall or roof, and the interest in trying out a new technology that does not yet have a proven commercial return. It does not require a lot of money if the other components already exist.
    Sweden has a very high installed base of GS heat pumps, but it has almost twice the degree days of Nottingham (colder!), and lower sun angles but longer summer days than we have in the UK Midlands. To me that is all the more reason to try this, if the capture in the longer sunny days of summer can be optimised.
   One problem is that if you are too far north, the summer sun spends hours in the North East or North West, and the problem becomes more 3-dimensional - a simple north wall mounting may not be ideal, a roof may be better.

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