Friday, February 11, 2011

East Leake Clocked!

Clock and Neon are in the photo, top left.
10 Feb '11: I have been out to East Leake again to fit a Digital Clock and Neon light to the control unit. The data that we are collecting from it is of less than half the desired value if we can't record the time. Now we will know Litres/hour, KilowattHours per hour (i.e. kW), pump power consumption and more. I also filled out the spreadsheet a bit more, as they have been recording the readings on a paper grid. In future the readings will become more meaningful a few days, weeks and months after the clock is running.

While I was about it, I got two of the clocks, and added the second clock to my Peveril system, to record the number of hours the compressor is running. I had to fit up a relay last year to inform the datalogger when the GSHP compressor runs, so the new clock simply records when the relay goes on and off.

The only addition required now at East Leake is a top mirror, and a little flashing behind to help keep out a small amount of rain.

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