Friday, February 11, 2011

Itho propose ground charging?

11 Feb '11: Chatting with David Hill, I recently discovered a company called Itho who are Dutch, although they have a British subsidiary. It seem that their main business is whole house ventilation, heat recovery etc, although their main website is in Dutch.
     This page has a movie on it that demonstrates a whole house working, with underfloor heating working with a heat pump and with MVHR.
     What fascinates me is that they seem quite comfortable with the idea that in summer, the solar panels return solar heat to the borehole, that is then recovered for water and space heating in winter. No great trumpeting about it, just a component of a larger picture of how the whole energy system can work. From the english translation of their literature, they are clearly using a reverse cycle heat pump that can cool the underfloor circuit during the summer, sending heat down below. The movie shows the underfloor heating assisting this, but it could also be using heat from the solar panels on the roof.
     If it is only putting heat down from the underfloor heating in summer, I would question it. The number of cooling degree days a year in the UK and Netherlands are few and are easily dealt with using natural ventilation and decent thermal capacity, and therefore the amount that could be put down is too small to count. (they will be at EcoBuild in March 2011 if you or I want to ask.) Also, I think this is a theoretical proposal, there is no case study to prove that a full working house has been built that does this.

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