Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January update

31 Jan '11: End of the month, another update: the weather was much milder with only 373 degree days during the month (base 15.5) and the consumption of the heat pump was proportionately reduced.
  The best thing for me was that the ground temperature maintained above 10.0 degrees C, most recently 10.6ยบ, and rising slightly since the end of December.
  In addition, the total annual consumption of the house has gone down to its lowest ever. In 26 Sept '10, it was recorded as 6,075 kWh, in the coldest part of December '10 it rose to 6,302 kWh, and on 30 Jan '11, the annual consumption worked out at 6,063 kWh. Let's hope that downward trend continues. I really want to see it below 6,000, and the GSHP consumption below 4,000 kWh.
  The graph illustrated here now includes January 2011, showing the downturn in both lines, which follow each other faithfully. Remember that we now have the heat pump on for more hours per day, and a higher thermostat setting than last year (at the request of Mrs N-C).
Explanation: The Red curve is degree days and the curvature symbolises the heating requirement of ANY building in the Nottingham area, derived from weather stats from the nearest international airport EMA. The Blue curve represents the Kilowatt Hours used by the GS heatpump
Note: Although DDs and kWh's are not the same units they are proportional to each other, and numerically similar, so I feel that it is legitimate to overlay the two curves. 
Also: the Red curve represents the heating requirement of the building, whereas the blue curve represents the combined requirement for Heating and Hotwater, hence the blue curve continuing through the summer, just above the red curve.

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