Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lecture about 'Charging'

15 Feb '11: If you have want to hear more about the 'Charging the Earth' project, there is an evening Lecture 15 Feb 6pm in the Trent Building of Nottingham University - in the Graduate Centre. Arrive at 5.30pm and there are some eats. Parking may be better down by the Djanogly Lakeside theatre and walk up.

This is about adapting the idea of Solar Cookers to collect Solar heat and pump it 48 metres below the house for retrieval by the Ground Source Heat pump. The combination of this and a good PV roof have made the house Carbon Zero for heating.

PostScript: Well I gave the lecture. Thanks to all who attended. Thanks to Heba Al-Sharkawy who organised it. And thanks to Chris Wood who helped me out on a few confusions of kiloJoules and Watts etc, while I was at the dentist having my teeth drilled for root canal treatment, so that I could finally get my head around some of the issues of thermal capacity. It completely distracted me from the drilling! I wonder if the dentist realised I how much I wanted to stay on the phone at the moment his injection was going in! I can save a copy as a low-res PDF if anybody is interested

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