Saturday, February 5, 2011

Navitron ban

If this isnt 'fair comment' after the way I was treated on the NT forum, please explain.
I took this posting off for a month, but after repeated requests to be re-instated on the forum have gone unanswered, there seems no more reason to keep this article concealed.

5 Feb '11: Oh dear, those nice people at NaviTron have done it again - antagonised me to the point of having to say something about it, and then when I do, it is followed rapidly with a Ban but with no pre-warning.
  On Thursday I was enjoying browsing the forum, and feeling how comfortable I now was with it, and enjoying the variety of discussion threads when I realised that someone was suddenly 'smiting' me. I could see the count rising, and only 'moderators' can smite like that, 200 during the day, and while I was watching, 20 hits in 5 minutes. One of the 'moderators' 'billi' taunted me asking me if I needed a 'blowrag' (look that up in Google to see what sense of humour these people have), and posting a photograph of a grown man weeping, and labelling the illustration to ensure that it was for me. Not nice really.
   Of course, I had to reply to that, who would not?
   Shortly after, I found myself banned completely by 'Jack' without warning, even though I had an exchange of very sympathetic emails with Ivan of Navitron (although only through their system email, so I cannot continue with this). They have done it to all my IP numbers, so I cannot even read threads as a non contributing guest. I did not get a private message warning beforehand.
   They have deleted all of my discussion threads about the solar sunboxes and earth charging, and the high rise buildings.  How destructive! there was some excellent technical discussions in there amongst the malicious gossip. The company is good, but the forum is mismanaged by people who have appointed themselves as 'moderators' but who taunt and aggravate members without giving them the right of reply.
   It offends human rights that they can be discussing me and the project on the forum, and I cannot even get on as an external browser to see what is said.

   Back in October, my whole project was repeatedly doubted especially on engineering precision matters, by the very same people, even though the thread was in a group called 'Bodges', subtitled 'hare brained ideas' which suggests to me that one is entitled to be a bit experimental.
   I had to fend these doubters off with promises to report back in January and February. (by the way, the doubters included attacks on myself, my job, my children, my students, all posted in a public forum and nothing to do with engineering - the project was termed a chocolate teapot, a scam, and even at one point inferred as a 'malicious hoax'.). There is a moronic moderator who claims that getting energy from the sun is 'perpetual motion' - well, Chris, yes, it is! for a few million years we can get energy from the Sun, dumbass!
   I kept my promise this week, reporting new data from the end of January which is indicating that the project is now successful. My deep ground temperatures and the other key parameters - electricity consumption - have all proved it to be good. Every week, the annual consumption of the house and of the GSHP are re-computed, and every week, that figure is dropping to never before recorded lows, despite the two severe winter seasons we have recently suffered. The ground temperature is now rising slightly, whereas a year ago it was more than 5 degrees colder.
     One of the reasons given by Jack is my failure to place an order with Navitron for a large housing project which I have mentioned periodically. He clearly doesn't know the timescale and cost of a planning application for such a large number. He doesn't seem to know that participation in the forum is not conditional on buying kit.
   As I have said before, it doesn't pay to piss off the future customers. I have to meet Navitron at EcoBuild because we will both have prominent stands near to each other, and yes, I am working on a development of 128 dwellings all of which will have heat pumps, PV panels and evacuated tubes. My last email to the boss of NT promised him that NT would play a part in this, but the ban followed a few hours after.
    I want back in, I don't want an apology for the smiting, I just want the threads restored, delete this article, and to get on with discussing Sustainable Energy Technologies.

I would like to say to some of the genuinely nice and helpful people at N-Forum, that I am missing you, and sorry. (eg biff, Mr Gus, Ted, Klaus and Ivan and Stuart, and even Hiccup....) if you read this and you have been missed out, (I cant scroll through remembering all the names) please notify me by email...

PS: One reason that Jack says for the ban is: Someone starting a new project asked if he should start up his own blog, and I strongly recommended him to do so - it is fun, and it is up to him to do the editing and illustrating. If his sole recording of the project is on the Navitron forum, then it will gradually be buried under the vast river of threads and contributions, so he will be unable to trace a history in a years time. Also, the entire project is subject to the capricious whims of the 'moderators' who can smite and delete without the chance of reply, making the life of the originator a misery, like they did to me. It looks like I was totally right, a whole years worth of work could be destroyed by vindictive smiters and blockers, as has happened to me.
The last laugh is mine, in that my project is very successful, with wonderful results, and I can continue leaving this here to tell you what a deeply depressing place that forum is.


  1. David,

    For what it,s worth I would just like to say that I regard your ban at the Navitron forum somewhat an over reaction.However I am not privvy to the complete history of your disagreements with various people on the forum, but my simple impression of the situation is one of both parties backed into a corner and unable to see a way forward. Whatever, it is a loss to the forum and a number of people have posted to this effect. All the best.

  2. Thankyou! I had been in Austria for a while, so had not been instigating any 'process'. What I described happened. I could see myself being 'smited', and the count went up 200 in a few hours, and I witnessed 20 in just 5 minutes. only moderators have this power.
    there is no right of reply, this blog is the only place to report it. As usual, the 'moderators' can say anything about me, and they have even blocked me from browsing as an un logged in guest.

  3. FYI - Posted by Grevls on Navitron forum yesterday at 09:59.

    Chargingtheearth was banned by myself for the following reasons:

    Trying to deter new users from joining/staying on the forum, despite using it to promote his own work and website. Hence the deletion of his self-linking threads/posts.

    Using the ‘promise’ of large future order from Navitron as a bargaining chip to make the moderators bend to his wishes, despite knowing our principal administrator (and most of the moderating team) is not under our employ.

    Using threats of defamatory comments and slander on his own forum/blog to see that he got his own way whenever he was involved in a dispute here.

  4. Someone was starting a new self build project in CHP, and asked whether he should start his own website about it. I advised that he should, and this is good advice in the light of the capricious behaviour of the moderators, in smiting me hundreds of times. I posted my comment that he would be slagged off in the NT forum only after I had been smited hundreds of times and told to go get a 'blowrag' if I felt sorry about it.

  5. I could also ask.... if he gives that reason, why delete the threads both of which are on valid sustainable energy projects? - the charging of the earth project, and the interseasonal in high rise ? Ban me, but leave the knowledge for the benefit of others.


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