Sunday, February 27, 2011

Passive Skyscraper at EcoBuild

27 Feb '11: Above, The layout of EcoBuild 2011. We have our  stand, at the North west corner of the main hall, conveniently next to the Coffee space. This is the MultiComfort House stand, provided by Isover, and we will have seven of our Passive Skyscraper designs on show. These will undoubtedly be the highest building designs of the whole show, most likely the highest ever displayed at EcoBuild.
    All the schemes show the Solar Earth Charging technology adapted for high rise, as has been researched on the Peveril Solar House. In the tall buildings we shall have large stores of PCM wax instead of using the ground, as it has a thermal capacity equivalent to about 25-100 times better than Water or Clay (depending on how it is used and graded.

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