Sunday, February 27, 2011

Visit to East Leake - it leaks

27 Feb '11: I visited the installation at East Leake. This has been underperforming at less than half the capture rate of the Peveril installation. We have checked the electrics and plumbing and sensor positions etc and they are perfect, and David has insulated the flow and return pipes, so we have done what we can with the 'internals'. Since the mirrors were fitted, the Peveril boxes average 1.9 kW when they are running.
     Climbing a ladder to check the 'externals', there is a large air gap at the top at the rear because the plywood got damp, and it has gone into a curve, opening up a gap. The boxes were built last October-November and we didn't get the plumbing and electrics done till the pleasanter weather of February.
    This gap was rectified with a hardwood wedge (temporarily), but we will need to fit a flashing, and fit a bracket to secure that curved section permanently. The top polycarbonate level is too shallow (250mm) and it is letting rain in at the rear, and it is letting it in at the front too, the junction with the vertical polycarbonate is tooooo flush. It needs a good overhang as the site is very windy and rain has been getting inside and running down the inside front face. This should not happen and never happens to my Peveril boxes. So I will order a new roof piece, about 290mm deep, and fit it to the same aluminium angles.
  (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the boxes....)

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