Thursday, March 3, 2011

EcoBuild - we've done it!

3 Mar '11: I'm writing this, sitting in the van waiting to do the stand 'breakdown'. We had seven New York skyscraper designs on show, and three of our teams won the UK prize, and now we look forward to Prague in May. The prize giving was on Weds afternoon.
Left to right: Prof Wolfgang Feist, Chuyu Qiu,
Ankur Modi, Suruchi Kumar Modi

In addition to that, I found time to go to one seminar and do some walkabouts, and found a few useful stands but regret not having had the time to see many many others, especially those on modern construction methods, eg SIPS, Bill Dunster's house, and other timber solutions.
   I did find Anthony Morgan of  NewForm, the company selling the PV Thermal panels on Walthamstow Fire Station, just as it was time to leave, so hope to get into contact with them again. Also, met Nic Wincott from Cambridge who did a seminar lecture on thermal recharging, with many examples from Sweden. Robin Curtis of Earth Energy is a good man to know too, with an excellent lecture on GSHP retrofit. Also met Ivan Lucas and Wookie of Navitron, who had a stand in the North hall.
  It was great to meet Dr Wolfgang Feist of Passivhaus, Hattie Hartman of the AJ and Roland Matzig and some of the other judges of the competition.
I will look forward to next year's EcoBuild without the need to be on duty on a stand! Some photos and more detail will appear later.

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  1. We are very pleased to be mentioned by David Nicholson-Cole - it was a pleasure to talk with you


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