Sunday, March 20, 2011

High performance in the sun

19 Mar '11: Sunniest day of the year so far, with a PV maximum of 16 kWh and Sunbox capture of 18 kWh.  That PV score is good for a day before the equinox and it seems these days that the Sunboxes so far always seem to exceed the PV roof. I don't think this will continue during the summer, the PV should push ahead and I hope we get a few days like in summer 2010 with regular scores over over 25.

   Today's score of 18 for the Sunboxes was slightly below the 20 we got a week ago, but this is because the GHSP was less active. Both the house and the GSHP were below 10kWh, and we scored another negative difference, whereby the overall house consumption is less than that of the GSHP. The annual consumption will be recalculated on Sunday and again, it is likely to be less than last week's.

More Mirrors
In this picture, the windows of the south wall are shown for the last time without mirrors - I intend to start with the dining room window, and work my way through the small ones. On a sunny wintry day like today, the south-window solar gain provided a real benefit, giving a good interior temperature and keeping the business of the GSHP to below 10 kWh.
I've also been doing more work on the metalwork of the Sunboxes. I elevated the West-return-pipe cover to the sunbox in the evening, and it will protect the insulation from rain and UV degradation. In this photo in the workshop, the East-return-pipe cover is taking shape, with aluminium, a file, a light hammer, a 'workmate' and an angle grinder.

Welcome to the Moon
This was the night when the moon is the closest it has been to the earth for 18 years, and there was a full moon with clear skies. (this is not my photo, my iphone camera is not good enough to get pictures like this!)

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