Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Idea to add more mirrors!

16 Mar 2011: I am so taken with the diagram that I published last weekend that I am considering adding more mirrors. This seemed to me to prove that on sunny days, the performance of the Sunboxes was substantially improved.
   The aluminium is already ordered for the head mirror over the large dining room window below. This is at the right angle to increase winter gain, thus reducing heating load for the heat pump.
   I have a parametric model (in ArchiCAD GDL) allowing me to experiment with the depth of the bracket, the tilting angles (calculate reflection angles at different seasons), allowing me to know how much metal to cut.
   There is no point in using foot mirrors to shine upwards as the sill of the dining room window is so low relative to the hillside behind. But the Upstairs bedroom windows could benefit from foot mirrors. They would increase heat gain in winter, and can be swivelled away to do nothing in summer - or can be lifted out of their brackets for the summer.
   Now that I have to write an article about my Sunboxes with one of the leading ideas being that they are like a Solar cooker, I feel it would add interest to do this for the windows too - but I wish I had thought of this last autumn.

Actually I did think of it last October (2010).... when making the mirrors for the boxes, I held the aluminium at different positions and angles to the window and thought that it might help, but I had enough other things to do without adding that to the list. Now that I have some proof that they could be effective, I feel new determination.

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