Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kitchen Mirrors

9 Mar '11: I am thinking of ways to use aluminium reflectors to increase the incidental solar gain in winter and equinox. I've designed this swivelling mirror, and feel rather excited at yet another small building project. Our kitchen window faces south, but is greatly shielded by the bulk of Sharp Hill and the rampart just in front of the window. In the winter it doesn't get enough warmth from the Sun.
   This mirror will not block out sunlight, it is positioned to bounce sunlight and heat downwards into the dining room. With a bit of luck it will increase incidental heat gains in the Winter and Equinox periods. the mirror is on a swivelling bracket. In the Summer, it can be swivelled to shade the upper part of the window, without cutting out any of the view.

As our house is becoming noticeably a place where we experiment with reflectors, this seems like a logical next step. If it can save a few kilowatts in the colder season, it is worth trying. The heat pump always reduces consumption on days when sunshine streams through this window. Soon there will be more!

11 Mar '11 Postscript:  I showed this picture to the students in my construction lecture, and went to the stores after to order the Aluminium.... so I am committed to it now! Who knows...? If it makes a measurable difference, it might go on the other south windows!

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  1. did that work? I was thinking of something similar, having 7 windows but only one which is sunny.


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