Saturday, March 12, 2011

PV In Norwich!

12 Mar '11: With the summer coming up soon, it seems too good to miss the summer harvest. We have an old ISA that is maturing, and there is the choice of leaving it in for another 5 years at a lousy rate of interest. So we think it is better to offer our daughter a roof-leasing deal, whereby we put the panels on her house, and she enjoys the sales and some free electricity while we are paid the FIT.
  Although it is a terrace house, we are lucky that it is widened at roof height by the width of the alleyway (shared by 4 houses), and the roof faces south-south-east, so the chimney has no shading effect. There's enough space for 8 235W panels of 1000 x 1600, so we hope this will result in 1.88 kW at best - roughly 1500 kWh per annum.

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