Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Underfloor Pump gets a meter

19 April '11: I am keen to find out exactly how much power the GSHP is using, Winter and Summer. One thing that makes the calculation more difficult is that the underfloor heating pump is spurred off the GSHP - which has to send power when the external temperature sensor drops below 15.5ยบ C. At equinoctial times it is off in the day and on in the evening.
    So I obtained another E110 meter which intercepts the cable to the floor heating pump and will record the kWh precisely how much it uses to one decimal place (it remembers the score, even when turned off).
   The other slight unknown is the ratio between heating and DHW. The IVT displays a percentage for this, and during the winter, the ratio was about 18-82, and now that the summer seems to be here, this is moving to 20-80, or 21-79. This ratio is from the time the heat pump controller started, and that date was mid-July 2010. It does not provide me any other way to get a more accurate seasonal balance of workload.

Weather comment
By the way, the weather has been unseasonally warm for this time of year, and that certainly helps the electricity consumption to break all records, week after week. I wish it would rain for a while, to water the garden and refill the water butts. We keep having the 'sunniest day of the year'... when will we get back to normal, i.e. blustery, rainy days, showers etc!?

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