Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Using Domelight as a sunbox?

20 April '11: Here's a domelight page....

It seems to me that one answer to the cost and labour of sunbox construction is simply to use domelights on their kerb, mounted on the wall. You can get them single, double or triple skinned, clear and other colours.... try building them with or without a kerb.... so a clear 1800 square single glazed enclosure is big enough to contain two of my black polypropylene panels (1300x850). One of that size would hold also two metal radiators, say 1600x800 size.

One issue that Chris brought up a couple of weeks ago is that having a flat front face with the existing boxes, I get a lot of loss through reflection in morning and afternoon, until the sun swings round and penetrates more directly. Also, I have to use 6mm thick polycarbonate to get enough stiffness with a flat surface.
A curved front would improve admission of heat either side of midday, and would be stiff enough at 3mm, half the thickness - allowing more sunlight to enter. It would give one a marginally larger air volume to warm up with the greenhouse effect.

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