Monday, May 2, 2011

Degree days in April 2011

This graph has the hot water and
underfloor heating pump omitted.
2nd May Postscript: 2nd May brought us over 25 kWh of PV power and I can only put this down to the very cold east wind that must have been cooling the panels efficiently. The sun was the same for both days. The strong sunshine is warming the house so well that we are still not turning on the heating, even in the evening - there's enough residual warmth to last the night.

Degree Days in April
Now that April is done I see that the degree days for the month was 126, compared with 198 in 2010, in fact that is lower than for May or October of last year, it has been the hottest April of the century! No wonder our GSHP consumption has been so low.

Forest Fires?
No, I am not talking about Nottingham Forest's chances of promotion to the Premier league. Now that we hear of these gorse fires everywhere, we are getting close to the sort of danger that happens in other countries with long drought, that of fires.
    There were kids lighting a campfire in the wood on the hill above the house, and I didn't feel I could say something about it, not just because of the aggro, but most of the campfires held up there have so far been non-harmful apart from the binbags full of glass and cans that the forestry group have to tidy away at the end of each month. Would they take any notice of posters up there asking people not to have fires until after the drought ends?

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