Tuesday, May 10, 2011

GT11 Sensor replaced

9 May '11: Had a surprise visit today from Derek, the roving Ice Energy engineer. I have long complained to IE that my outgoing sensor (GT11) was becoming increasingly erroneous, and has recently been showing as 10ÂșC higher than it really is. The GSHP is not malfunctioning particularly, but with my ongoing project, it is damaging data collection to have a very important sensor displaying wrongly. I cannot measure delta-T between outgoing and incoming glycol.
  My job card must have risen to the top, somehow.
  So he replaced it with a new sensor, in a better position (where it is accessible in future) and did a check over of operating parameters, and cleaned the filter on the ground loop and heating loop. He seems very interested in the modifications I and David Atkins have made to it, but I wish the management of IE would show interest too.

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