Sunday, June 26, 2011

Removed Corner Mirrors

25 June 2011: When the head and foot mirrors were added, there was an immediately palpable benefit. It coincided with the start of the heating season, so that may have been a helpful coincidence. We shall know better when we get to next September (the Equinox) and compare with the previous year's figures. They did pretty well in March and April.
    However, I have become increasingly convinced that the vertical corner mirrors have not been helping. They are on the wrong place, they should be at the rear of the boxes, not at the outer corners.
   I had hoped that the east corner mirror would give a helpful kickstart in the mornings - wishful thinking, mirrors are too small to make a difference.
   I had hoped that the west corner mirror would prolong the productivity of the box in the afternoon.... hmmm. This is more influenced by how warm the brickwork has got during the day, and also, the tree causes shadow when closer to sunset.
   So the sunboxes are back to looking how they were last October (2010) (except that in summer, the foot mirrors are tilted back to meet the higher summer sun angles)

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