Saturday, July 16, 2011

Close to decision time on Surya 3

15 July 2011: I have invested a lot of time in getting the details right for the replacement sunboxes. Previously, I had the scaffolding up for four months, and I had the polycarbonate delivered early and was able to spend a lot of time tinkering about on the scaffolding getting the details right with the minimum of cutting. I am about to place the order with LIV supplies but need more than ever to get the sizes right.
  I have a schedule to meet, which is an annual target of kilowatt capture, so I cant afford too much down time. The scaffolding will not cast shadow, but the time that the boxes are removed will be missing out on summer storage. Also, with a weeks time lag to get polycarbonate, I must get all that I need and not discover some missing bit once most of it has arrived. This triple wall is cheaper than the solid PC I used before, but I shall be needing more aluminium - I will try to recycle as much as I can from last year's build.
  I shall have for recycling, re-use or whatever, 5 square metres of 6mm solid clear Polycarbonate. Any offers?

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