Wednesday, July 27, 2011

East Leake update

Photo of the Surya-1 design at
East Leake, with black collectors
arranged horizontally in
a vertical array.
26 July 2011:   I have offered to David H at East Leake to replace his front panels with triple wall polycarbonate. There are stronger winds there and the front face would need a reinforcing bar across the midpoint. I still advocate keeping the existing sidewalls and retain the verticality of the front face because of the trampoline, and for simplicity.
   He needs the fronts taking off anyway as there are leaks somewhere. Although the fronts hinge up, it would be relatively easy to take them off altogether to get access to the radiators.
  They should have been higher as one can see in the photo which reveals a shading risk (photo was taken in February) but he wanted it done without scaffolding and without access to the roof space above.
  I've advised him to wait a week or two to see if my sunboxes improve in performance. As he has not taken a data reading since May, there isn't exactly a hurry as there is no way of knowing how the present ones perform. But there is a leak - a dropping off of pressure in the glycol circuit, so there is some work to be done.

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