Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Form finding GIF

Click on this to make it animate
12 July 2011: Here is some more 3-dimensional form finding. This image may not animate, but if you click it to make sit in its own window, it may animate.
  This is all the same object, but it is parametric and allows me to change the front angle - the consequent geometry is all recalculated with a neat bit of trigonometry.
The preferred final solution - 70º
  I didn't take the 55º seriously, but have been thinking of the 60º angle. Now that I have seen this, I feel more inclined to stick with 70º as a best compromise.
  A great projection will cause too much shading to the windows below. This sun angle is midday in the Equinox period.
  The triple wall PC is fluted and not polished, so I hope it will suffer less from reflection of light and heat off the glassy front of the panels.

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