Monday, July 11, 2011

Form finding

10 July 2011: I have been climbing up the ladder to measure the existing boxes - they are exactly fitting the original drawings from which I placed the order for the PC - the main unknown was the space between the boxes.
  I decided that the side panels are so firm and well fixed, they should stay and be the main cantilever supports for the new box. It would therefore be possible to retain the rooflets and the louvre unchanged.
  That means that the sloping angle has to start and finish from the front edge of the 200mm line, causing the overall structure to project far from the wall and shading the windows below. although I would prefer a 60º angle at the front, and a right angle at the apex, it looks a bit alarmingly large. The smallest one, the 75º front, is optimal at the winter solstice, but this is a short moment. Equinox occurs twice a year and has the highest scores on the sunboxes - it's a time when the GSHP is still in the heating season, but there is good daytime sunshine. Also, heat comes from the bright sky, not only direct sun angle.
  53º would be optimal for the Equinox but I didn't consider this angle for a moment as it is just too projecting a profile.
  There is a temptation to stay with the idea of the two boxes because the hinging mechanism built for the present boxes could continue to be used. However... if I'm to go to the trouble and expense of making this change, it should be more significant, not just a tweak. So maybe it will be the 70 or 65º angle... a true british compromise, and sticking with the idea of combining into one volume.

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