Sunday, July 31, 2011

July '11 Reports

31 July 2011: During the whole of this week, the Sunboxes have been exposed to the sky, and it has been a good week (sunny), so we haven't suffered, in fact Sunday 31st was the highest daily score (20 kWh)  on the Sunboxes since April or last October. Power consumptions are all DOWN on last week and PV and Sunboxes are all UP on last week. In fact for the last week, the daily average Sunbox thermal capture has been the highest ever in Summertime working. I am not panicking to get the Surya-3 Sunboxes finished while this good weather lasts and the thermal capture is good. Ground temperature was 13.5º. These are comparable to last year's summer temperatures.
  One small mention, our PV installation is about to blast through the 6,000 kWh point, and if the weather is similar to last year, we got 660 kWh in the August and September of 2010 - so I am hoping to attain a figure of 3,300 kWh for the year from 1 Oct'10 to 1 Oct'11.
24 July 2011: This is the week in which I have started rebuilding the boxes, and I took the fronts off in the afternoon. More of that in another posting.
Our annual figures have levelled off (as I would expect) and the next big change would be if we have a mild autumn and early winter compared with the same period in 2010 which was extremely cold.
The annual house figure is 5,331 kWh, the GSHP is 3,335 kWh, the PV is 3,297 kWh, the Sunboxes are 2,990 kWh.
17 July '11: A goodish week, holding steady, relative to last week's figures. I have been concentrating on the design of the new boxes with every constructional detail worked out, so that re-construction can be done with minimum downtime.  The ground was 13.4º and although this is good, it's not good enough for me, which is why I want to reconstruct the boxes. I can only assume that if it is some weeks at over 13º, there is some thermal consolidation taking place, i.e. a larger proportion of the earth round the pipe getting to this comfortable temperature, instead of just a narrow cylinder. If that 13.4º can move out to fill the full 3.5 metres from the pipes, that is a helluva lot of heat! (If I measured the temp at 6pm it would be hotter of course, but I always wait till midnight to allow the heat to disperse a bit.)

10 July '11: For the first time this year, the house and GSHP aren't breaking records, for the simple reason that a year ago we were on holiday and everything was turned off. Ground is above 13ºC, but only just, it is still 13.3º and this is driving me to consider the redesign of the sunboxes - so that the air temperature in the box can be increased and get more heat buried.

3 July '11: For the 26th Week Running, the House consumption and the GSHP are lower than the week before, and now we are in record breaking mode, every week. The house consumption has broken through the 5,300 barrier (5,295). More symbolically, the GSHP has touched 3,325 kWh... symbolic because that was the highest annual score of the PV panels on the roof - 3,325 kWh. The Sunbox annual capture is falling slightly and I notice that the temperatures in the boxes are not at high as the same time last year.

Ground Temperatures have risen smoothly during the spring, and seem able to stay above 13.0ºC at the moment.

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