Friday, July 22, 2011

Scaffolding up!

Pearson Scaffolding seem to be doing a lot
of West Bridgford houses, so i rang them.
0780-4794374 and 0115-841-1193
22 July 2011: Richard Pearson turned up in the morning to erect the scaffolding. It amazes me how these skilled guys can do it without someone else "to hold the other end".
 So now it's up, I have to get on with things!
 Dr Chris Wood emailed to say that with these changes I might as well have gone with a commercial solar flat-plate panel.... Hmm... That was my first idea, but things took the course they took, with Ice Energy's donation of the swimming pool panels, and with the decision to plumb the liquid circuit in the Trickle-and-Whoosh method.

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