Friday, July 22, 2011

Surya 3 Construction starts!

2011 : 

The Polycarbonate arrived yesterday and today I bought most of the Aluminium, Screws and Bolts that I will need for the job. I also got some neoprene foam strip to help make it more airtight. The detailing will be thermal break design, i.e. no direct thermal loss except from screws and bolts. There will still be a louvre at the bottom for ventilation. The top rooflets will be openable and the top mirror will be adjustable.

The most important thing is to get the geometry of the side panels correct. That determines the precise dimensions of the front and soffit panel. 

 I now wish I had used Stainless Steel plate for the top mirrors. The aluminium ones are effective but would be more so if they had a nearer to mirror finish and remain perfect for several years, which would be the case with stainless steel. I might still do this, as thin sheet is not too expensive.

  Most of the jointing is with the Riveter. It's easy to drill the 1mm PC outer skin, and the rivets hold the PC firmly.
  I am going to use the existing cantilevering Polycarbonate sides and they are securely fixed to the metal rails, fixed with anchor bolts.

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