Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Surya3 progress - side walls up

26 July 2011: Well I had other things to do at the Uni today, but managed to get the sidewalls up in the morning, before departure. No matter how careful one is on the ground there is still some cut-and-come again work to be done high up, with a small saw to slightly modify the polycarbonate. The essential things have worked out well, the aluminium edge bits come together with millimetre accuracy! It was worth doing a super accurate drawing last week!
  When I got home later in the day, I got the floors of the sunboxes up into position. They are lightly tacked in, just to ensure everything is plumb and square (they are....) and I can rebolt them later with more washers etc. I have only one detail to improvise, the rear part of the floor where it meets the opening bottom louvre. This needs a custom flashing section which I will have to make by bending sheet aluminium.
  I don't need to hurry because it's clear that at this time of year with daytime air temperatures above 20ÂșC, the panels are working quite cheerfully without their boxes - therefore, there is no serious 'down-time' while the work is going on - the kilowatt hours are still being pulled in!
  I have tried to do all the components on the ground so that the whole thing is assemblable-disassemblable, and made as accurately as possible, in conditions where I can lay everything out. However, there is still a lot of customisation because it is fitting to existing metal brackets and rails and polycarbonate sidewalls. So if I was starting again with a 4 square meter system, I would do the fixing details with less complexity although the exterior profile that they have now is as perfect as I can make it.

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