Monday, August 8, 2011

Another IVT user!

7 August 2011: I went to an Open Day at my sister in law's house, in aid of Save the Children, and we braved the rain and a hundred mile drive to see the vegetables, PV and solar panels... and plenty of cakes and hot dogs. I had the pleasure of meeting a couple who have just installed a GSHP, and it turned out to be the identical make and model of the one I have - IVT Greenline C6 from Ice Energy!
    Truthfully, John and his wife are the first people I have met who have a heat pump (other than David Hill who I am doing a project with) - theirs is the same model, but has a horizontal ground loop in the adjacent field.
    I ran through a list of the tunings that I have done to mine, and have offered to do a round trip to their house soon, with my electrical tools and do some of the tunings. Nobody else (including Ice Energy) has such a comprehensive list of tuning possibilities now that David Atkins seems to have retired.
   There must be ways in which solar charging can be used (less efficiently) with a horizontal loop, but first, there are simple things that can be done to any heat pump - insulating the water tank, setting the time clocks for heating and hot water, turning off additional heat, setting external switches for the same two, and fitting a Elster Meter to measure the power consumption.

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