Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 2011 Reports

28 August 2011: Last report of the month, and as usual, some records. I think there has only been one weekend when there wasn't one record or another. The House meter is near to its lowest ever, the GSHP figure is a record, at 3,318.7 kWh, and the PV is close to last week's record. The Sunbox clock has scored a record high at 2,345 hours, and the annual figure for the Sunbox energy is creeping back to its previous highest figure of May 2011.
  The deep ground temperature is disappointing - I have watched it climbing though the summer and hoped it would pass 14.0ºC, but it has dipped slightly to 13.2ºC - at about the time it dipped slightly last year. Hmmmm.... One thing I can say is that in the period 9 Aug to 28 Aug, there has been a performance benefit, but it could be seasonal. 175 kWh in 2010, and 193 kWh in 2011.

21 August 2011: Three records broken this week, it's been sunny and dry, good for record making. The house consumption is good at 5,309 kWh, but the GSHP consumption is a record Low, at 3,323 kWh. The PV roof achieved a record High, at 3,342 kWh. The two systems crossed each other decisively at 3,330 and kept going. I know that all this could be upset later in the winter, when the daily house consumption can exceed 40 kWh in a day and the GSHP sometimes 30 kWh in a single bad day.
     The third record is the Clock on the sunboxes - this has touched 2,230 hours. I'll discuss this in another posting.

14 August 2011: Well the boxes have been closed in most of the week. I am disappointed that they are not hotter inside - the hours of running seem to be longer, and heat is being put down, but the kilowatt equivalent is not as high as I hoped. Our power scores for the week are average. No records broken this week!
   Although the hours of heat pump use are very low at this time of year, I see that the deep ground temperature remains stolidly fixed at 13.5ºC, and wish it was just a few tenths higher.

7 August 2011: Well the Sunboxes are still not sealed in, so I am still unable to see how the new design will turn out - I hope that only a couple of days are required. I will run them in their new form for another week after that before taking down the scaffolding, so that I can be sure that all airtightness and maintenance issues are covered. The metering records are improving again, with consumption lowering, and after the sunny weeks we have, I can announce an all time record for annual PV generation :- 3,331 kWh in one year. The Ground Temperature is still 13.5º and I am sorry it hasn't got higher - but as I found last year, there seems to be a process of consolidation so the heat distributes more evenly within the thermal cylinders around the boreholes - the test of which is how well it performs in the heating season. Because I always wait till midnight to do the test, the ground has time to cool after the day. If I tested it at 6pm, I would get a string of temperatures above 14º or 15º.

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