Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beetroot inspire the next step

19 Aug 2011:  The sunboxes are finished, so I am looking for ways to re-use the material from the previous sunboxes. These are the two front sheets of 6mm PC glass from the old ones, each 1.75m x 1.54m.
   So there are two ideas, I need a side GATE for the house, so I fancy making it of polycarbonate with the slenderest of aluminium framings. The remainder is enough to make a large CLOCHE, and you can see the beetroot lined up, egging on Mr Makita to make a start on the cloche for their descendants to follow, while they sit in the fridge waiting to be eaten...
One Idea I had was to use them to surface part of the South wall, eg with a 50mm cavity, a sort of heat gathering wall.... but the brick walls are so well insulated, I don't think it would make a difference and besides... I need the Gate and Cloche more!

Deep Temperature: I always do my ground temperature test at about midnight, but just for a change I did an impromptu test at 8pm after a sunny day. After 20mins circulating, the deep temp was 14.0º. It usually relaxes back to 13.5º once it has had the evening to disperse a bit.

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