Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A bit of Re-manufacturing

the old and the new parts on the floor
with the triumphant Mr Makita surveying his work
2 August 2011: I have been concerned with making a large hinge for the front panels, and there is a need for a strongpoint to fix the middle hinges to. I decided to re-manufacture the middle walls, re-using some of my 6mm structural polycarbonate. These are thinner and strong enough to take the tightest bolts.

  This was quicker than expected because the aluminium parts were already cut to length, and only minor re drilling was needed. All the rivets on the old partitions had to be drilled out. I was recycling the 6mm solid PC rooflets from the previous sunboxes - I wish I had thought of doing this earlier.
By the time this is re-bolted it is dark, but
more will be done in the morning!

Meanwhile we are having good daytime and evening temperatures (how nice if it could stay like this all year!) and there is no urgency to get the covers on - we are having daily scores higher than the same time last year. But if I haven't finished by the time that the heating season starts, then the scores from unboxed black panels will fall compared to boxed in ones (I assume)

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