Sunday, August 21, 2011

Electricity consumption reduced

Good Energy
21 Aug 2011: We all know it's been a good(ish) summer, although gardeners could have done with more rain. Our PV meter reached its highest annual figure 2 weeks ago (of 3,330 kWh) and this Sunday, it's likely to be touching a record annual maximum of 3,340 kWh, judging by the figures for August.
    We had a bill from Good Energy, the 100% Renewable energy supplier with over 3,000 small home generators like us on their books. Because I haven't send in a reading recently, the bill was based on 'Estimated use' - I have of course been on their website and entered the correct figures for consumption and generation.
    Their estimate from 16th May to 16th August was for 1,193 kWh. Remember that our house is using electricity for DHW and for cooking, which in other houses is usually done by gas. They must be assuming about 12-13 kWh/day over summer.
    I was pleased to see that the real figure for the same period, for DHW and cooking and normal house use is actually 565 kWh, less than half the estimated figure! (averaging 6.25 kWh/day)
    The Saving alone is equivalent to £80 pounds, and during the same time, the Feed in Tariff has racked up an income of £620 pounds!

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