Sunday, August 21, 2011

Link to Sunny Portal repaired

21 August 2011: For a month we have had no luck with connecting our Sunny Webbox to the Sunny Portal that shows our PV performance.
    For those just arriving on the blog, we have had a live link from the SMA invertor of our PV roof to SMA's datalogging site on the web, so that the hourly and daily performance is converted to graphs and we can then display them with a browser or on a smart phone. We have had this from November 2009 to the present day.
    There's nothing wrong with the webbox or the cabling, so it was a mystery - emails with SMA's team hadn't made anything better, other than to check the cabling. SMA had been helpful by suggesting that I could downlood the figures directly from the webbox, and send them as a CSV file to SMA and they would put them on to Sunny Portal manually.
    It's important to be on this site, to add to the international community of power generators. If you go on to and click on publicly visible sites, you can find us by doing a word search using 'Peveril' as the key.
     Im glad to say that it is all working again now, thanks to Paul of EvoEnergy. Paul spent a bit of time investigating the IP numbers of the BT modem, our wireless router, the webbox and did some reconfiguring of those. It is possible to do this. I suspect that part of SMA's site maintenance has been firewall improvement, and I wonder if other people have been cut off too if the firewall blocked conflicting IP numbers. One of the difficulties for Paul was not knowing if it was working until a day later. There is no feedback, nothing appears on the site immediately, but we had a green tick box icon instead of a red no-entry button at this end, so this looked hopeful.
   If you get it working (or think you have got it working), just walk away and leave it overnight, you have a reasonable chance that the following morning, the graphs will all be updated - and they were!
 It is good to see this, especially as we are having something of a bumper sunny August so far, and twice this month, our PV roof has reached records for best annual performance. 

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