Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nightlight glowing

15 August 2011: Got my first photo of the house at night, with the 1-watt lamp to indicate that the pump is working. There is now a metal reflector covering the visible brickwork and it scatters the light better. I am thinking that perhaps I should have installed 2 lights, facing opposite directions. It's useful in the dark on the scaffolding having that light shining! But really, two lights would be too bright.
  That TV aerial has to be lowered! I practised getting up the small ladder, and it is easy to reach the adjusting bolts.

22 August Postscript: The lighting is a bit too localised and vertical, and I don't want to add another bulb. First, I restored the vertical aluminium reflectors which stop you seeing the brickwork (as above). Then I have now found some old mirror glass and have put a V-shape above the lamp, so that the light is dispersed in two directions. Looks great!

Shut that door!
My next project after this is to build a side-gate for the house, re-cycling the solid polycarbonate. I don't want to have to store these large sheets through the winter. It's got to be used for something useful or ornamental!

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