Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No PV recording at the moment

1 August 2011: I am sad about one piece of technology that is not working so well. The Sunny Portal Webrouter of the Photovoltaic invertor is not sending data to the Sunny Portal, or maybe it is being sent but they are not processing it and displaying it. Therefore, I am getting no daily bell-curves of solar performance, no monthly reports etc. Luckily, I am still recording daily readings from the OfGem meter, so I know the daily and monthly performance. The invertor stores about a months worth of data, but after that it is lost, so I need to get on to their technical support. Typically of so many companies now, there is not a trace of a contact email or phone on the Sunny Portal website. I will have to try SMA's website.
  I haven't changed anything and tried not to stress the cables.... the correct lights are showing on the house router.

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