Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Powerpoint for Istanbul

The 'virtuous pentangle' of technologies
31 August 2011: The SET 2011 (Sustainable Energy Technologies) conference is taking place in Istanbul this weekend, and I am meant to be there, but can't travel at the moment. So a colleague will show my 15 minute powerpoint. I did this diagram to illustrate the interactions of the systems on the Peveril Solar house. The talk is limited to strictly 15 minutes, and I had to script it, so that the speaker (on my behalf) would be able to get through it without getting confused or running over time. I have put it on line, so that you can see it, please click the picture above. The picture below shows the performance of each component, the key ones being the equal balance of the PV roof and the GSHP consumption.
  Having only 15 mins, I have to keep it short, so some things like the mention of 'panic' mode are a form of shorthand for the slope adjustment on the heat pump that causes it to use Additional Heat. This has been one of the key things for reducing the consumption. There was a worst ever day in Feb 2010 when the GSHP used 69 kWh in a single day!
I am certain that there will be variations during the winter, but at the moment, these are in pleasing equilibrium. One single bad day in the winter can use 30 kWh of GSHP energy, and generate 0.1 kWh from the PV. As we progress week by week, I re-compute the annual, so it is setting against a similar week before, so I hope that the fluctuations will not be too large. Last winter, in the severest part of December, the annual for the house rose to 6,300 kWh and for the GSHP to 4,245 kWh ! If we have a mild autumn and winter coming up, the figures will be getting very interesting! 

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