Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Solar Security light

22 Aug 2011: I got one of those Solar Security lights from SolarCentre, the EVO 36. I got it free on a special deal through Rushcliffe and am not sure if I would have lavished £49 on one of these... but as we are a solar house, it's adding to the solar-ness of our existence here. I go into the back garden a lot and use it as a sort of workshop too, so some free light is always valued, and we now have a bright LED based light in the back garden.
    The 2 watt PV panel is on a long metal stalk which I knocked up from spare aluminium. It gets a good view of the South sky, as the wall is facing east and is shaded by the eaves above and a high hedge opposite.
   The panel is swivellable, so it can be optimised in the winter. I haven't actually seen it on yet, as it has to be allowed 3 days of daylight to charge up the battery cell.
28 August Postscript: Well I have seen it now, and it is very bright, very responsive, and turns itself off quickly when one has moved away. LEDs always seem to have this cold light with harsh shadows. But it's a security light and is doing a great job for our back garden!

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