Friday, August 12, 2011

Surgery Ideas

11-Aug-11: Surgery: I had a visitor on Weds evening, John, a doctor who is trying to build a Carbon Zero surgery building. He has some very ambitious ideas, and when I see these, I can't help feeling that my system is already pretty cost effective. It's amazing what people will do to avoid using a borehole, even if the alternative solution is likely to cost more. But I am never one to discourage someone from trying, and there is merit in the idea, if it will store enough heat to obtain the heat passively without needing a heat pump. Basically, he is building something along the lines of the Surya-3 sunbox, but on a giant scale - making half the length of the entire building roof space as a large sunbox.
    I don't think it will get as much heat as he hopes, and larger scale thermal storage projects have always assumed that it takes more than a year or even two to get to steady state, the working temperatures they need to get the inputs and outputs balanced. I shall be interested to advise and assist on this project. It will need monitoring, as any experiment is worthless unless records are kept of its performance.
    I've been email-discussing with him for about a month and a half, and some of John's ideas have influenced my design on the Surya 3 boxes, in the use of Triple wall Polycarbonate, the angled front and the creating of a larger volume of air that is heated by Sun. This was the first time we met.
   I shall be happy if I get regular air temperatures in the Surya-3 boxes on sunny days of 35º-40º (as I was getting with the previous boxes) and hold this heat for longer. John is hoping for air temps of perhaps 55-60 in his version of the sunbox.
   If he will allow me to, I shall post some images at a future time.

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