Monday, August 22, 2011

Surya 3 Finished!

22 August 2011: Well, I declare these finished. I did a bit of draught proofing today, and have inserted a V-shape mirror above the 1-watt night lamp. I am leaving the scaffolding up in time to fit the Weather Station when it arrives. From now on I test it.
   Unfortunately, my mind is already working out an improvement. I don't have the time or the willingness to undo all my recent work now, but it's a project to try next year, or on someone else's house. The thermal capture from the naked panels in the sunshine of July was impressive, and it would be good to be able to open them up to the sun in the day and close them at teatime. I thought about it at the time, but decided that panels opening with a bottom hinge would be too dangerous in wind conditions, and make it difficult to do regular maintenance.
   Talking about it with Mrs NC at teatime, I thought that I could construct a big Sliding Front model, that would be closed most of the time, but the user can reach up with a boat-hook and slide it down on good sunny days. I will make an ArchiCAD model of this quite soon.


  1. David,

    You have seen that the naked panels have performed very well, hence you must ask what is the benefit the enclosure? If you close the boxes expecting to retain heat for later collection then just do a quick calc and you see that the heat retained is very small.


  2. Hi Chris, you have the same black panels, but yours are exposed, so lets compare data after another few months. Is any of your data visible, in simplified or week-based form?
    also... in the middle of summer, I have no doubt (in fact, I have convincing direct evidence) that bare panels do better in bright sunshine. Ill hope that my boxes do better taking the year as a whole including the winter months. My next design would be for a large sliding front, so that the owner can use a boathook and simply reveal the panels during the height of June-July.


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