Monday, August 1, 2011

Surya 3 progress - hinges!

31 July 2011: The overall shape of the sunboxes was completed almost a week ago, but the difficulty is in the details - as in everything! I could easily seal them up and be finished in a day, but then would need scaffolding for any further modifications. The intention is to have the large panels able to hinge at the top and be sealed only with some self tapping screws on the lower rail which can be reached from a ladder.
   I managed to get the two big front ones to the top of the scaffolding on my own (ropes, duct tape, patience and strength). Any further cutting on them will be done atop the scaffold, I am not taking them down again!
   The detail photo shows the problem. I put this decision off until now as my detail drawing was perfect for the general plan and sections, but as usual, there are three dimensional problems at the corners - the same applies to buildings! Here I have to make and fix two hinges, despite the difficulty of a 200mm gap to work in, making drilling difficult.

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